It's not uncommon for people to plan a vacation during the holidays. Just imagine spending Christmas in Leavenworth, Washington, or have you ever spent the holidays in Hawaii? Usually, holiday travel happens during December. But I think the next holiday to inspire travel needs to be Halloween.

The Popularity of Halloween Over Time

Halloween is getting more popular every year. Data from shows that 73% of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween, the highest since 2017. It's still not as high as the percentage of people who celebrate Christmas, which was 93% in 2019 according to Gallup.

But with nearly three-quarters of Americans celebrating Halloween, why not have a "holiday destination?" And who needs Salem, Massachusets when you can have a spooky time in Montana and Idaho, then head to Utah for the best trick or treating in the country?!


Stop in Deer Lodge to Get Creeped Out

The Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge is a rare opportunity to see inside a prison as a museum, and you can take either a guided tour...or guide yourself.


Stop in Butte for a Good Scare

If you're coming from western Montana plan at stop at the historic Dumas Brothel in Butte, the "longest-running brother in US History." They have paranormal events and opportunities for private investigations.

Stop in Idaho Falls to Get Spooked

This year, it looks like the Haunted History Tour at the Museum of Idaho is already sold out, but keep it in mind for next year. You can also stop at some of Idaho Falls' most haunted houses.

attachment-Lehi Utah

Then Head to the Top Zip Code For Trick-or-Treating

Who would have thought that the top zip code that is best for trick or treating is in Lehi, Utah (zip code: 84043) ?! That's according to Intsacart. They also say that Utah is one of two states that had the most zip codes designated as "Best Haunts." Mostly, Utah is considered best for trick-or-treating because of how much candy they buy. Interestingly, Montana comes in at #2 for most candy per customer. So, even if you can make the trip this year, you'll probably have a candy-filled Halloween if you stay close to home.

LOOK: How Halloween has changed in the past 100 years

Stacker compiled a list of ways that Halloween has changed over the last 100 years, from how we celebrate it on the day to the costumes we wear trick-or-treating. We’ve included events, inventions, and trends that changed the ways that Halloween was celebrated over time. Many of these traditions were phased out over time. But just like fake blood in a carpet, every bit of Halloween’s history left an impression we can see traces of today.

Gallery Credit: Brit McGinnis


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