With a history of cattle rustling, gun slingers, miners and red-light districts, it isn't a surprise that we have some haunted areas across Montana.

You would be hard pressed to find even one town across Big Sky country that doesn't have some sort of a tall tale to talk about an abandoned building or scary bridge that you shouldn't cross while heading to a spring formal dance.

With Halloween coming up quickly, where should you go in Montana to get your chills up your spine going?  Let's brush off the ghost detector and see where the best places are.


Where To Start Looking for the Supernatural Across the State

Ready to have the hair on the back of your neck to stand up?  Will it take just a quick glimpse of something or someone in a mirror to make the heart rate jump?  Or perhaps you would rather hear steps across the upper floor of your hotel?  Maybe it takes a ghost or poltergeist moving or stacking something to make you do a double take.  Montana has all of those locations, plus many more supernatural happenings to take your family to.

Where to go?  That's easy, just think history of the state of Montana to get your trip going.

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The Classics Will Never Disappoint in Montana Towns

If it is classic scenery and areas, these towns have all the charm no matter what time of the year.  But when Halloween comes, they get a bump from all the people that love to have their adrenaline pumping wondering what is around the next corner or what the odd sound was.

Let's head out and get our spookiness on for Halloween!

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