With summer starting to hit the rearview mirror and give us a wave goodbye, it's time to think about tailgating season in Montana.  No, not that kind with your vehicle, the other type with it parked and you kicked back in a lawn chair in the bed of your pickup.

It's time to break out the portable grills, grab a blanket, and maybe an extra jacket to get some of the best fun with friends underway.

Haven't Started Yet?  You Are Behind My Friend, Get Busy With It

Yes, yes you are behind.  High school football action across the state began 2 weeks ago for most schools, and college already has a weekend under its belt.  With the NFL season getting underway officially this weekend, you need to bust out all the tools to get the tailgate season, well, seasoned if you will.  There are hungry people to be fed at your local football field!

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You Have The Tools, Now It's Time To Have The Best Party

Now that the season has arrived, we have some favorites to pass along from a recent survey by Weber Grill.  Depending on how you rank yourself in the grilling department, these are the best tips from the "gourmet" grillers.

  1. Spend a little more.  The average for a gourmet griller is $165 compared to regular grillers only spend $106
  2. Knowing what to cook.  Gourmet grillers rank chicken, ribs, brats, and steak the highest.  Regular grillers use hamburgers, brats, chicken, and hot dogs.
  3. Just enough people.  The average tailgate party should involve around 20 people.
  4. For best results, most tailgate grillers use charcoal grills.  Those are followed by gas grills, smokers, and finally electric grills.
  5. Check out the competition.  In the last year, 12.5% of people have attended an average of 3.4 tailgate parties.

There you have it, some great ways to get out and enjoy a fan-favorite party before the gridiron gets rumbling.

Have more tips for us?  You can always use our social media, the appchat feature or via email here.

Having A Tailgate Party? Here Are Some Must Have Items

There are some things that are most necessary for having a bomb tailgate party, no matter the size of your party, or how many guests you're having. The perfect tailgating experience is really going to depend on you having the right stuff to keep everyone at your party happy.

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