Along with our new loyalty club layout comes newer and bigger prizes, a cleaner interface and so much more! We understand no one likes learning a new platform, especially after already being familiar with the old club, and that's why we want to make this transitions as seamless as possible for you. Below are some important pages in the loyalty program that you will find very familiar and useful. And don't worry, your points are still there!

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Get Points - Where you earn points to win great prizes!

Use Points - Where all of our great prizes are!

We revamped the program to address many of the emails and comments we have received over the last few months about how to make it better. We are very proud of the results.

Here are some of the things we are most excited about:

- The XL Nation is now easier to find

- Your points are now visible on every page on the site

- There are more ways than ever to earn points

- Even more prizes, and better prizes!


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