The HRDC (Human Resources Development Council) is looking to partner with Bozeman area businesses to keep the Warming Center running this winter, so that homeless men, women, and children have a warm place to stay during the cold of winter. In some cases, this is a live-saving opportunity for folks, and it is made possible only with your help.

The Warming Center is 100% community funded and your support is integral in supporting our efforts of providing shelter to those in need. If you're a local small business, here's how you can help:

On Saturday, October 10th, all they ask is that you fly a special HRDC flag and donate 3% of your net profits from sales on that day only to HRDC’s Warming Center.

Click here to see participating businesses.

In exchange for your generous contribution, your business will be recognized on the HRDC website, and will be provided with a stylish window static acknowledging your support of our community’s homeless.

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