So I am an Apple user, but when I heard about this "trick" for Android, I found the closest co-worker who had an Android and had them try it. I was a bit shocked to be honest, not only because of the message but also because it actually worked. A lot of times, these things are just click-bates.

I took this video of what to do and the instructions are also below. Check it out and let me know if it works for you at our XLCountry App.

Ok so here is what you do:

1. Hold down your home button
2. Say "Sing Me A Song"

The song pops up and starts singing. I want to know your opinion about this. Is it ok for Android to push the vaccine? Or do you think it should be left to the doctors and medical professionals to push? Or, should it be pushed at all?

Montana ranks high in Covid Cases. Currently, there are 193,277 total cases in the state of Montana, with a total number of deaths recorded at 2,781. Today alone, on December 9th, 2021, there have been 273 confirmed cases. As far as vaccines in Montana, 1,676,425 doses were administered according to Newsbreak Covid Updates.

With new variants popping up, how do you, as Montana's, feel about this Android trick? Again, I am an Apple user, I did try it on mine, but it did not work.

If you want more information on where to get your vaccines or more information on vaccines you can contact your local health department or click HERE.

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