I've been a Packers fan for my entire life and can't wait until Sunday when they play the Cowboys in Dallas. Dave is a huge Cowboys fan, so it's only appropriate that we make a friendly wager.

Chris and Savannah emailed me the other day with some great ideas.

Chris said we should bet jerseys.. not to keep, but for video and pictures. Loser has to wear the winning Jersey for a photo op. Photos then must be posted on XL Country website, and the loser has to use the said photo as profile pic until Superbowl. He also said he thinks Dave would look good in green & gold.

Savannah thinks if the Packers win, Dave should have to clean my bathroom from top to bottom. If the Cowboys win, she thinks I should babysit Dave's son James so that he and Candace can have a date night.

Today, I went around the office asking our co-workers if they had any ideas for a bet. Here's what they came up with.

What do you think we should do for our bet?

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