Social media has been overwhelmed today with shocking videos of flood waters tearing through communities around southern Montana and through Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park announced it would be closed until at least Thursday (6/16), with reports of many roads washed away, a historic bridge floating down the river, and many tourists stranded at campgrounds.

Videos shared on Facebook show flood waters raging through Red Lodge, Yellowstone, and areas near Gardiner carrying large trees and dangerous debris.

House in Gardiner, Montana floats away in flood waters.

"Not the Hot Tub!!"

Tom Miner (Carbella) bridge gets washed away north of Gardiner.


Dangerous debris and large trees were seen rapidly barreling down the river.

This video taken near Huntley shows the flood levels rising in that area.

A resident on TikTok remembers the wildfires last summer, and now this brings destruction to her community.

An aerial photo from a local Red Lodge restaurant shows the amount of damage that's been caused by the June 2022 flooding.

Video at Pine Creek bridge from Norman Miller via Facebook.

Moments before the Tom Miner bridge, built-in 1918, was torn from its foundation and began flowing down the river.

More dramatic video footage from Red Lodge shows the massive power of flood waters, eroding the roadway and carrying a large tree down the street.


More video from near Gardiner where the Tom Miner bridge washed away.


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