Headwaters Country Jam

People come from miles around to have a good time at Headwaters Country Jam! I have buddies that come from Oregon and New Jersey to party to live music under the Big Sky.  How far do you travel to come out to Country Jam?  

Headwaters country Jam

Dave (pictured on the right) entered the Redneck Olympics with me.  He ended up wrestling a bear of a man for a watermelon.  Sadly, Dave lost. I don't think anyone really won this competition, but he was awarded a shower coupon at least!  Check out the video of Dave Wrestling The Bear!

When my friends ask when they should come visit me, I tell them during Headwaters Country Jam.  Now that they have come once, they are hooked and plan on making it an annual or at least semi annual trip.

So where do you come from?  We want you to tell us how far you travel, or maybe some of your friends?

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