There is no better way to spend National Pizza Month than by drinking mass quantities of craft beer and committing unspeakable acts with, well, beer and pizza.

Now, before you guys go humping the pepperoni off of that large pie that you just had delivered, you should know that the unspeakable acts that we are referring to is the seemingly twisted procedure of brewing a beer inspired entirely by pizza.

While there is nothing more delectable than sucking down a bunch of cold ones and then engaging in a gluttonous love affair with a fully loaded pizza-pie, Tom Seefurth and his crony Warren Siepman have taken the concept a step further. Well, okay, multiple steps; they're brewing up some perverse new concoction called Mamma Mia Pizza Beer.

What started out as a mad hatter science project between two friends with a home brewing kit back in 2006 has since manifested into a novel new product that its creators hope will become a staple among cooks and professional chefs all over the country. “This is not a ‘pizza-flavored’ beer,” said Seefurth. “It is a beer designed for pairing and to be used as an ingredient, something no one else has done — therefore, we declared our beer ‘culinary beer.’”

Mamma Mia Pizza Beer is brewed at Milwaukee’s Sprecher Brewing Company and can be purchased in Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, California, select venues around Wisconsin and through the company’s website.

Okay, so while pizza beer may not be as bizarre as a brew made with bull testicles, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that you probably would not want to experience this beverage on its way back up.

However, we are positive that it is still more pleasant of a hangover than waking up with a bull’s nut in your mouth.

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