Harrison Ford isn’t smurfing around. On ‘Conan‘ last night, the actor expressed his intense dislike for the little blue creatures by beheading a plush Papa Smurf.

Ford has good reason to be peeved: the CGI reboot of ‘The Smurfs’ nearly tied his new movie ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ at the box office over the weekend. And, to add insult to injury, wife Calista Flockhart paid good money to take their son to the movie, while they saw Ford’s sci-fi western for free.

“We’re going to try and get [the money] back,” Ford grumbled.

Ford then directed his rage at an unlucky plush doll of Papa Smurf furnished by Conan O’Brien, ripping the toy’s head off to the delight of the ‘Conan’ audience.

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