Greg Bates‘ ‘Did It for the Girl’ lyrics are simple, sweet and just what country music fans eat up. The heartfelt tune was penned by the newcomer — along with Lynn Hutton and Rodney Clawson — and will be found on Bates’ debut album on Republic Nashville, slated for release later this year.

“I think Lynn came in with that title, ‘Did It for the Girl,’ and a little bit of the music,” Clawson tells Taste of Country about the day the song was written. “We just started talked about all the things you do when you’re getting ready to go on a date or whatever … you wash your truck, you get your hair cut, you shower up, you get the Polo out or Old Spice body wash or whatever it is these days [laughs], you pick the girl up and you go on a date. You just do everything you can to try and win her over. We kind of talked through that stuff.”

I got the Chevy all shined up / Paid a little more for a hair cut / Ironed up a pearl snap / Left that old ball cap / Gave myself a little extra smell good splash / I did it for the girl / Dancin’ in the sunset / Get to see her sippin’ on Corona, little silhouette / Did it for the moonlight, slow ride, slidin’ over by my side / Been waiting on that all night kiss / I did it for the girl,” they wrote in the ‘Did It for the Girl’ opening lyrics and first chorus.

“Lynn also had the idea to put the George Strait and ‘Marina Del Ray’ thing in there,” notes Clawson. “People love that. Some artists are weird about referring to another artist, but Greg was really cool about it. That was one of his favorite lines in the song.”

I dialed her up some more George Strait / Me and old George sang ‘Marina Del Rey’ / There by the water’s edge / Big sky turnin’ red / That perfect night she said she can’t forget,” they wrote for the lyrics in the second verse.

“It was just one of those that came out easy,” Clawson recalls. “It wasn’t hard at all! Greg is such a great singer. He went in there and demoed it. The demo sounds just like the record. They didn’t really change much. The record’s just a little slicker and a little cleaner.”

Of Greg Bates, he adds, “It’s real cool to see how well it’s doing for him on the charts. He’s real talented, and I’m glad I got to be involved with this song.”

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