For the many Montanans who have left the state to seek their fortunes in other parts of the country, Governor Greg Gianforte has announced a new initiative to get Montanans to return home and work remotely.

KGVO spoke to Gianforte just after a new website called Come Home Montana was unveiled.

“For too long, Montana's most valuable export has been our kids and our grandkids,” said Governor Gianforte. “Everybody knows about our quality of life in Montana but this campaign, it'll be social media, direct mail and website, reminds former residents of the state what a great place Montana is to live, work and raise a family. We want them to come back home.”

Gianforte expanded on the Come Home Montana plan.

“The Come Home Montana campaign really encourages Montanans who have relocated out of the state to come back, and work remotely from here,” he said. “Maybe they can start a business or take advantage of the job opportunities we have here right in the state.”

Gianforte is using the tools learned during the pandemic to bring businesses back to Montana.

“One of the silver linings of this pandemic is for so many Montanans that have moved away, that have desk jobs, they've realized they don't have to go to work anymore,” he said. “And so using some of the American rescue plan money, we're building out broadband across the state. So, people that are graphic designers, software developers, lawyers, and other folks that have desk jobs, we're encouraging the come back home, bring their jobs with them, and in the process, strengthen our local community.”

After seeing so much unrest in large cities across the country, Gianforte is inviting Montanans to return home and enjoy the best of both worlds.

“People that grew up across the state remember the quality of life,” he said. “For instance, you know the fact that a lot of times you never take the keys out of your ignition, you don't worry about crime the way you do in a big city. And unfortunately, Montanans are trapped in some of these concrete jungles on either coast and honestly, we want them back.”

Find out more about the Come Home Montana campaign here.


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