I love that moment when I'm in the Bobcat Game and the stadium is packed! The first half is always a great experience!  The beginning of the second half is the dreary part.  Most of the crowd heads out to the tailgates during halftime and they don't make it back in until halfway through the third quarter! Time to GET IN THE GAME!


When talking to coaches and players the only thing they want from the fans--- A full stadium when they come back onto the field after the half.  This is one game that the Cats need every ounce of extra energy they can get!  Remember it takes a little longer to get back in the games now that 20K people are all trying to get to their seats.  Head in early or just stick around during the game to make sure the 3rd quarter is louder than the 1st!

Check out the card stunt that is going to happen in between the 1st and 2nd quarter!

Card Stunt

Can't make it into the game?  Listen Live @ XLCountry.com or via radioPup

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