On Friday, September 21, volunteers will be handing out a free hardcover copy of “Wolf In The Snow” by Matthew Cordell to every 1st grade student in Bozeman Public Schools — that’s more than 500 books!  The books are a gift from the Bozeman Schools Foundation LINKS TO LITERACY program.

Research has shown that K-3rd grades are critical years for literacy and the more books children have the better chance they are to increase their reading skills.

The volunteers will hand out the books at various times throughout the day and spend time reading the book with the kids.

Here's the times for each school:

Longfellow – 8:45 am

Hawthorne – 9:30 am

Meadowlark – 11am

Whittier – 11am

Hyalite – 12:20pm

Emily Dickinson – 12:30pm

Morning Star – 1pm

Irving – 1pm

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