I have noticed, in my three months here, that there are a lot of differences between Montana and Missouri. Here are five things I am not used to seeing.

Townsquare Media/Joe Shinkle
  • The Wildlife - Where I'm from, the only wildlife you typically see are deer, raccoons, opossums, and other smaller animals. Since I have been here, I have seen stories of a moose and a mountain lion in Belgrade. The story that really caught my attention happened a couple months before I moved here, and thats the bear inside Bozeman High School.
  • A plethora of Subarus - Yes, there are Subarus in Missouri. The difference is I see 5 here within a mile long drive.
  • So much snow - It does snow in Missouri, but nothing like it does here. It took over a month until I saw something on the ground that wasn't snow. The funny thing is that I do enjoy the snow quite a bit.
  • No real traffic - Being born and raised in the city, I am used to aggressive driving and a lot of interstate driving. That is not the case here.
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