Colleen's Pics

I'm so sick of being 'politically correct.'  It's officially gone too far.Now, it's a dark time for words that contain the word "man." It's like the politically correct Terminator has targeted them or something . . . with the mission of complete eradication.

Washington State just enacted a law to rewrite ALL their laws, to replace all masculine words with gender-neutral words. (In this day and age, aren't there more important issues????)

That includes using the word "fisher" instead of "fisherman" . . . "first-year student" instead of "freshman" . . . and "handwriting" instead of "penmanship."

They even wanted to get rid of the word "manhole" . . . but couldn't figure out a good gender-neutral substitute. I guess "peoplehole" just doesn't have the same ring to it?

Source:  Reuters