Blake Shelton's unprecedented streak of No. 1 singles came after a decade spent chasing radio airplay the old fashioned way. The singer's hits and misses were sprinkled on the charts like bird shot, with some reaching No. 1, others missing the Top 10 and two only cracking the Top 40. His radio resume is long and dynamic, to say the least.

Ranking each of Shelton's 30-plus singles requires chart considerations and admiring the sales success each song had, as well as its lasting appeal and overall artistry. A song like "Ol' Red" is among Shelton's poorest performers at radio, but few would deny that it has become one of his best to date. We've slated it at No. 10, which is more a testament to the strength of songs he's released since "Home" (No. 5) changed the trajectory of his career in 2008.

The No. 1 song on this Every Blake Shelton Single Ranked list has mass appeal, artistic appeal and undeniable commercial success. It was his biggest hit and arguably still is, even if more dramatic ballads and fire-starting country-rockers bump it aside when conversations about Shelton's best songs begin. Flip through our choices and then let us know where we got it right and wrong in the comments section below.

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