Smart speakers are on the rise and they are listening more than you think.  They "accidentally" activate as many as 19 times a day, recording as much as 43 seconds of audio each time according to a new report from Northeastern University.

These smart speakers are in about 157 million U.S. households according to Statista. If you are one of these homes you may want to delete these recordings.  Depending on what type of speaker you have you can even listen to the recordings.

Here's how you you can listen & delete your smart speaker recordings:

  • Amazon's Alexa: Listen & delete your recordings here. - Be sure to opt out of having your audio recordings reviewed by humans while you're in Settings.
  • Google Home: Listen & delete your recordings here. - Google admits they may use the things that are recorded to target ads to you.
  • Siri: You can opt out of having your audio stored and delete recordings here. - Unfortunately, they don't give you the option to listen to the recordings.
  • Microsoft's Cortana: Listen & delete your recordings instructions here through there privacy dashboard.

Was your smart speaker listening to you? Let us know if you listened to your smart speaker recordings!

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