Dave decided to take a stroll up to the grilled cheese stand at Headwaters Country Jam. While the grilled cheese would have been enough on its own, he got a little something extra with his sandwich.

Suddenly someone in the crowd yelled, "watch out, it's a rattlesnake!" Immediately after that others could hear Dave whimpering as he was face-to-face with the predator.

"Oh my god, that's the biggest snake I've ever seen," said Dave.

Thankfully a very big, strong man was on the scene and took care of the snake before it could scare Dave anymore.

Witnesses describe the snake as roughly 12 inches in length. Slightly less than the 8 feet that Dave claimed.

He did manage to snap a photo of the beast just before it went to snake heaven.

Dave Wooten
Dave Wooten

On a serious note, rattlesnakes are common in the area. So, watch your step if you are out at Headwaters Country Jam ... even if you are in the festival arena .. like Dave was.

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