Craig Morgan stopped by the Taste of Country studio to share how his music quite literally saved the life of a fellow Army veteran -- twice!

According to Morgan, an Army vet came to a signing for his most recent album, where he told a powerful story about how the country star's music saved his life while he was driving in Iraq. When the recorded album that the soldier was listening to started to skip, he bent down to fix it, and at the same time, a sniper round hit the exact spot where his head had been just seconds before.

Even more remarkable, that same soldier told Morgan that two years later he was hit by an IED (improvised explosive device) in Afghanistan and went into a coma. Guess whose song was playing at the exact moment we woke up? If you guessed Craig Morgan, you would be right! (It was his hit 'This Ain't Nothin.')

The soldier's touching story had such a strong impact on Morgan, it moved him to tears.

"I never took it for granted what music can do because it's important to me as well," says the Tennessee-based star. "But the more I do it the more I appreciate how much our music can impact people's lives. And that was one of those stories that I'll never forget."

The 'That's What I Love About Sunday' singer says that it's experiences like this one that keep him doing what he's doing.

"There's nothing more inspiring or more motivating than walking up on that stage and listening to the fans sing along, and then afterwards hearing the stories and hearing how our music has helped them get through certain moments," Morgan explains. "That's the stuff, really, beyond everything else that happens, that's the stuff that makes us want to keep doing it."

Morgan's latest release, the 'The Journey (Livin' Hits)' album, combines some of the singer's greatest hits with four new tracks. Only time will tell if this record has the same life-saving ability as the others.

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