It was a very Merry Christmas for Craig Morgan's wife Karen a few years back. The 'Wake Up Lovin' You' singer gave his No. 1 girl what he considers to be the best Christmas gift he's ever given!

Morgan reveals to Taste of Country that the jackpot present was ... a car! Cars are to his wife what diamonds are to lots of women -- the pinnacle of all gifts. "My wife is a car nut -- she's like a dude when it comes to cars, knowing the Chevrolets and the motors," the singer shares.

Well, except for the actual maintenance part. Karen doesn't generally get greasy with the gears and whatnot. Adds Morgan with a laugh, "I don't even know if she can put air in a tire, but she knows cars."

As far as what type of car he got her, it's a nice one -- a really nice one. It was the type of car she had coveted her whole life, so when he unveiled the brand spankin' new vehicle, Morgan received lots of brownie points. Or, as he says, "Made up for the many years that I had given her nothing."

Watch the video to see what type of car Morgan put under the tree (or, at least in the driveway) for his wife!

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