Chris Young, who enjoyed a sold out show in New York City this week, stopped by 'Katie' to chat with host Katie Couric about the single life, the road life, groupies and the subtle pressure his grandmother has put on him to settle down. He also revealed that he married his sister. Wait, what?

Relax, he didn't mean it like that, although Katie was totally flabbergasted when Young declared that he married his sister Dot. However, the singer quickly clarified that he officiated the ceremony, since he went and obtained a license to do so. What a good brother Chris Young is.

Once he made it clear that he performed the nuptials, Couric burst into giggles for not realizing that's what he meant sooner. It was a cute moment.

As a successful and good-looking 27-year-old man who happens to be a country superstar, Young revealed that there is no shortage of underwear ending up on stage from the ladies in the audience who are interested in him. So he isn't ready to settle down, despite his mom wanting grandkids and the fact that he has to put up with grandma grilling him over the holidays!

"Thank God my sister had a baby," he said, revealing that she helped take some of the pressure off within the family. "Christmas and Thanksgiving with my family is a big event, with all the aunts, uncles and cousins. My grandmother was so smooth. I am getting food, in the kitchen, and it's just me and her, and she's like, 'You getting anybody a ring any time soon?' So, there is still pressure."

All in good time, Chris!