Last week, while we were getting prepared for our Can the Griz food drive, Amy and I decided we needed to do some end of the year cleaning. Our back room here at the radio station where we keep our remote broadcasting equipment looked like Jesse's room when he used to live at home.

While we were cleaning, we found buried with some old signs a vintage XL Country banner from who knows what year. The XL is the same (with the boot "L"), although the boot has a silver bottom where on the current version of our logo it's all black. The logo also has a rope and it's a round logo rather than the rectangle logo we use now.

Anyone out there in the XL Nation know what year it could be from? Also, if you have any retro pics from the old days of XL Country, please email them to me. Maybe you took a picture with Pete & Colleen, or perhaps you went to an XL Country event back in the day and took some photos. If so, we would love to see them and show them to the rest of the XL nation. Just email them to me at

photo by Amy Moss