This Wednesday, get to know Taste of Country RISER Brandon Lay, with his just-released debut single, “Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers.” The song is inspired by the three biggest influences in his life - music, sports and faith. Says Lay: “My life revolved around playing sports and going to church. Country music was always coming through the speakers. My dad has always been in the ministry. He's a preacher. And my mom was a teacher. If we weren’t at church, or school, it was all about football, baseball or basketball. Basketball was my first love.” So he could have called it, "Speakers, Bleachers, Preachers, and Teachers." I'm guessing they did toss that around during the writing process. Brandon’s debut album will be released in 2018.

On Friday, Kip Moore will be in-studio to talk about his new album, Slowheart, which is due September 8th. "Slowheart" is a nickname given to Moore by a former guitar player while on tour. “He always said, ‘You’re a slowheart, man … you observe before you act.'” His band is also called the Slowhearts. You'll get the scoop this Friday on Taste of Country Nights with Sam Alex, weeknights at 7p on XL Country 100.7.

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