Brad Paisley is one of the biggest country music stars on the planet for good reason. The 'River Bank' singer never stops working -- even on Air Force One!

Paisley recently surprised soldiers in Afghanistan with a special Memorial Day concert, and in an interview with Billboard, the 'River Bank' singer says he had just as much fun traveling overseas as he did performing for the troops. He even picked up some souvenirs along the way.

"We’ve got shot glasses," he says of his presidential swag. "I’ve got matches that say, 'Air Force One.' I’ve got luggage tags. They gave me those 'cause they stuck Air Force One tags on everything. I’ve got the in-flight entertainment booklet if you want to see what movies they have. I think I’ve got towels. I don’t know. Who knows? Let’s just say I came back with a bag more full than I left here with."

Although the country crooner may have gotten his fair share of souvenirs from Air Force One, perhaps the best thing he came off the plane with was a new track for his upcoming album. Paisley says he mixed a song called 'Me and Jesus' "somewhere over the Black Sea," making him the first and only person to ever mix a song on Air Force One.

"Unless George W. was cutting music on there that I’m not aware of," says the singer with a laugh. "I cut the track the day before we left. [The flight] was 13 hours over and 16 back, plenty of time to mix the record. I had all the files and opened up on the computer and thought, 'I’ll get to work on this.' It didn’t take too long. It’s only my voice and a guitar."

But even after a luxurious ride on the world's most famous airplane, it's the people that made the trip the most memorable.

"There’s one soldier in particular that I remember," says Paisley. "A soldier handed me a photo of his family and said, 'I want you to have it.' This guy has been there since the beginning of the year. I just can’t even imagine it. I get really cranky after two weeks away, which is the most I’ve ever been away from my kids when we toured Europe. He chose to defend us and go do that. So I keep that photo and I remember that’s why I went. That’s why I’m standing there. I got to shake his hand."

Paisley is currently gearing up for the release of 'Moonshine in the Trunk' on Aug. 26, which will feature 'Me and Jesus,' as well as a slew of other tracks fans can't wait to hear.

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