One of the best things about summer is ice cream, and ice cream is always better when it's homemade.

Over the weekend, I took my parents on a stroll around downtown Bozeman. We checked out a lot of the different stores along Main Street. As we were getting ready to head back to the car, I suggested that we go get ice cream at Genuine Ice Cream Co. in front of the Lark on Main Street. I've seen it over 100 times, but I've never been there. Dave from the XL Morning Show goes there for tacos. That's right, they also sell tacos. I can't think of  anything better than ice cream and tacos...mmm.

Here's a picture of my dad not wanting to get his picture taken.

Townsquare Media / Jesse James

My parents and I all ordered something different. My dad got vanilla, my mom got strawberry, and I got the orange dreamsicle w/ chocolate chunk. The ice cream was incredible! I'll definitely be back!

If you've never been to Genuine Ice Cream Co., I would highly recommend it. The line may be a little long, but it's definitely worth the wait.