Bozeman police arrested a man early Wednesday morning, suspected of robbing another man at gunpoint.

Thomas Riley Wegley is in custody for allegedly taking over $2000 in cash from Joseph Robert Henshaw.

On Tuesday night, Henshaw took Addie Caitlyn Davis and Jeremiah Gohde gambling at the Hideaway in Bozeman. Earlier in the evening Henshaw had cashed his employment check for approximately $3000 and left a majority of it in a cooler at Davis' residence.

Upon returning from the Hideaway, Davis indicated she would retrieve the cooler for Henshaw, but she failed to return after entering her residence. Henshaw knocked on the door repeatedly but Davis did not answer.

Eventually, Henshaw left the residence but received a text from Davis asking him to return for his cooler. When he did, Henshaw was confronted at Davis's residence at gunpoint by a man, later identified as Wegley, who pointed a semi-automatic 9mm pistol at him and demanded all of Henshaw's personal cash. In addition, Wegley demanded all the money Henshaw had in his cooler.

Henshaw gave up his remaining money, and Wegley departed with it. Police were contacted shortly thereafter, and Wegley was arrested early in the morning at his mother's house.

The cash and the suspected gun were found by police hidden in Wegley's mother's home. Wegley was arrested for robbery and held with no bond. Davis, who was also found at Wegley's mother's house, was arrested, as well, and charged with robbery.

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