We have decided to have a Bobcat Friday at the office.  I should say it was mainly Colleen and one of our sales ladies, Amy.   I believe it should be bigger than that!  How about a city wide Bobcat Office Party!  Show off your pride at work, find out how inside!

Step 1-  Send an "All Office" Email out to let everyone know they need to show their Bobcat pride at work tomorrow!

Step 2-  Tell everybody at work that if they don't put on their Bobcat gear they will be shunned!

Step 3-  If you have any griz fans in the office ask them where their team is playing this weekend?  (I know I'm evil...)

Step 4-  Pick out your favorite Bobcat Gear

Step 5-  Put it on!

Step 6-  Fill a cooler with icy cold beverages and put it in your vehicle for halftime-- aka your lunch break!

Step 7-  Coerce your employer to let you out of work early so you can properly prepare for the game aka Tailgate!

Step 8-  Yell GO CATS! at every opportunity.

Step 9-  Get at least 6 coworkers and spell out "GO CATS!" on your chests with body paint

Step 10- Head over to Bobcat Stadium and cheer on your Bobcats with all your might!