Blake Shelton has flown under the radar since the season finale of 'The Voice' back in December when his rival and bromance partner Adam Levine triumphed and won the season, ending Shelton's three seasons in a row winning streak. Shelton checked in to answer fan questions and to reveal that he recently received a big and sexy gift from Levine, one that is currently stored in his garage.

"I know I've been M.I.A. since the finale of 'The Voice,' so I just wanted to take a few minutes and say I'm still alive," Shelton stated. What better what to keep in contact and keep the lines of communication open than by answering fan queries, right?

We're not sure if these questions were real or staged for the purposes of the hilarious video Shelton shared, but they were topics we want to know about nonetheless.

Shelton is asked if he is really as big of an outsdoorsman as he says he is. "A big reason I've been missing since the finale of 'The Voice is I've just been out, being outside, being outdoors. It's been kinda cold, but I'll take what I can get sometimes," he said.

When asked if he drinks as much as he acts like he does, he said, "Damn right I do!"

The third and final question read as follows: "Are you and Adam really as competitive as you act like you are and does he rub it in when he beats you at anything?"

Well, that's when Shelton, who was standing in front of his garage, opened the door to reveal exactly how Levine rubs salt in the wound.

"Today, I received a package from Adam Levine and think this answers that question," Shelton said as he revealed a life-sized version of Levine's Sexiest Man Alive cover for PEOPLE. "This is why Adam Levine is a complete jacka--. It's also why I love him so much."

Game, set and match to Levine.

Watch the video here.

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