It's popular to fuse country and hip-hop these days, but if Billy Currington ever releases a rap or R&B album, you won't hear it on country radio.

In a recent interview, the 'Hey Girl' singer admits that while writing songs for his new album 'We Are Tonight,' he kept penning songs that were great, but not great for country.

"All the songs I was writing were coming out hip-hop and R&B," Currington tells during a conversation about his just-released album. Songwriter and producer Shy Carter is a friend of the country singer -- in fact, he can be heard rapping on 'Banana Pancakes' (the Jack Johnson cover on 'We Are Tonight'). Carter also helped write Sugarland's 'Stuck Like Glue' in 2011.

"I've heard some of the guys rapping in their country songs," Currington adds, "but I would never want to do that. It would totally be separate."

"If you heard (the songs) you'd be like, 'Oh, never country radio. It would never fit,'" he clarifies.

Fans of Currington may not be surprised to hear him dreaming of a pure R&B album, as he's always mixed elements of that style into his music. There's no timeline for this future project, but the singer sounds serious about his intentions.

“Shy is such a great producer and songwriter," the Tropical Nights: Boots in the Sand headliner says. "The guys he’s been working with I’ve been working with also, and as a group we’ve come up with 18 songs that are just sitting there. I never had plans of putting out a different genre or type of music, but I want somebody to hear these things. So yeah, we may put them out.”

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