We have so many fantastic pizza joints in Montana, and to be named one of the best in America is high praise.

One food item everyone can enjoy is a fantastic pizza. Whether you are gluten-free, vegetarian, or have simple tastes, pizza is versatile and delicious. Then there is New York, Chicago, or gourmet-style pizza. Whatever kind of pizza you want, you will probably find it in Montana.

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How do Montana's pizza joints hold up to some of the best in America? Is there a pizza place that is highly regarded? Well, there is.

One pizza joint in Montana landed on Yelp's list of the 100 Best Pizza Joints in America, and that's impressive.

The pizza place has garnered national recognition since its opening and should be on your radar.

Before we tell you which pizza restaurant in Montana is one of the best in America, there are a few places around the Gallatin Valley you should check out for yourself. 

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According to Yelp, the best pizza joint in Montana is Biga Pizza in Missoula. Biga Pizza opened in 2006 and has been a massive hit with locals and visitors. They have your pizza standards, like Cheese and Pepperoni, but they offer several specialty pies you don't see in Montana.

Biga Pizza via Facebook
Biga Pizza via Facebook

Biga Pizza landed at #76 on the Top 100 list, but it's the only Montana pizza spot to be considered.

Biga Pizza via Facebook
Biga Pizza via Facebook

The story behind Biga Pizza is incredible. The owner and operator, Bob Marshall, grew up in New Jersey but moved to Missoula to attend culinary school and stayed ever since. Bob wanted to bring his East Coast style of pizza to Montana, and he's done it amazingly well.

For more details, check out Yelp.

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