Bogert Park Drinking Fountain Project

Bozeman Friends of Parks along with SLAM (support local artists and musicians) are constructing and installing an original bronze art piece/ drinking fountain by local artist, Mitch Billis, at Bogert park. You can be part of this artistic legacy by taking ownership of a brick in the piece.

With a donation of $250 you take ownership of one brick on the installation and you can inscribe up to 30 characters of whatever you want onto the brick! How cool is that?! Whatever you inscribe on the brick will be read by future locals and visitors for decades to come.

Mitch Billis designed and constructed the sculpture and Sarah Anderson will finish the project by installing a 10 foot diameter mosaic of colorful pebbles and your 3″ x 5.5″ bricks around the drinking fountain. The bricks will be etched prior to installation.

What will you have etched on your brick? Our suggestions are below.

Brick Etching Suggestions:

  • Family names
  • Your favorite number
  • A joke
  • A note to a loved one
  • Inspirational words
  • Dedicate it to someone
  • Song lyric
  • Poetry
  • Favorite Bozeman memory
  • Pet names

The possibilities are endless, but the bricks are not, so buy yours before the opportunity has passed!

All bricks purchased are considered a charitable contribution and are tax deductible. SLAM is a registered 501(c)(3), and all funds raised through the sale of these bricks will be used to offset the cost of the installation or used for future community art projects.

Ready to be a part of history? Fill out the form below!


Address: street_______________________________________




Payment: A check needs to be made payable to “S.L.A.M.” Tiles are $250.00 each.

What would you like on the brick? Up to 3 lines, 10 characters per line…




Please mail this completed form and check to:


P.O. Box 2008

Bozeman, Mt 59771

Thanks for helping support the Drinking Fountain Legacy Project!


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