While building our own Bat Cave would be quite a challenge (we’ve tried — digging the tunnel is a pain in the bat ass), a Taiwan-based luxury motel is now offering a far more comfortable solution to fulfill our Batman fantasies.

Located in Kaonhsiung City, Eden Motel has unveiled a suite with a Batman theme like no other — From the massive Batman logo on the bed in signature black and yellow, to the Bat signal shining off the ceiling. The room is a Dark Knight fantasy land.

The suite even comes with a mini-Batmobile. Batman paintings and photos adorn the wall, most of which are from the recent trilogy – so you can sleep soundly without ever being reminded of the nightmare that was ‘Batman & Robin.’ Being a luxury suite , you would think the Eden Motel Batman would be a hit to the bank bat account, but it’s only $50 for three hours.

You can rent the room by the hour?

Holy hooker special Batman!