Just a few years ago the battle was waging between HD DVD's and Blu-Ray Discs. Blu-Ray has long been declared the victor, but the next battle is just over the horizon or may even in be in your living room. 2D vs 3D.

We have all spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on our home entertainment systems trying to have the newest most sophisticated technology. But more often than not, your new "toy" quickly becomes old tech. This may raise doubt when upgrading your current system. Should I upgrade my home to include a 3d television, or will it be outdated or outperformed in just a couple of years? Nothing beats direct hands on experience, but while I have you here, I would like to share a study cunducted by Dr. Duane Varan to determine what the general public thinks of the 3D television experience.

(Vann's, Costco, and many other television retailers have demo's you can go in and try, I would recommend going even if it's just to find something to do on your day off.)

ESPN Research + Analytics unveiled an in-depth studies on 3D television to date. The study compiled results from over 1,000 testing sessions and 2,700 lab hours. With this study ESPN has concluded that fans are comfortable with 3D television and even enjoy it more than standard programming in HD

ESPN has also concluded that fans enjoy 3D. The results of the study claim a higher level of viewer enjoyment, engagement with the telecast, and a stronger sense of presence with the 3D telecasts. Enjoyment increased from 65% to 70% in 3D while presence went from 42% to 69%.

via ESPN Study: Users Prefer Sports in 3D.

I personally was surprised to read this article, I imagined 3D getting a negative reaction due to the added peripherals and eye strain (they say you will acclimate to it). But I am also happy to hear it getting positive press. It's the best tech today, and hopefully a stepping stone to Star Wars type holographic displays. Heres hoping!