If you don't watch 'Jeopardy!,' then you don't know that Alex Trebek can be a just a *touch* condescending to the contestants. Although to be fair, it's hard not to come across as condescending when you're basically telling people they're wrong over and over again for half an hour. 

Frankly, this is a big part of what makes the show great; after all, you don't get to host a show for almost 30 years by being bad at your job. Here are some of our favorite "Alex Trebek Being a Jerk" moments.

  • 1

    Trebek and the Bullhorn

    He just can't help himself.

  • 2

    Trebek and the Groupie

    He probably shouldn't have went down that road, but what else are you supposed to do when somebody says they based a major life decision on a Cameron Crowe movie?

  • 3

    Trebek on 'Card Sharks'

    Even when he's raising money for charity, he's still kind of a lovable jerk.

  • 4

    Trebek Laughing


  • 5

    Trebek Doesn't Have Time for Your Pygmy Goat

    At least he can admit it.

  • 6

    Trebek and the Ho

    Classic Ken Jennings.

  • 7

    Trebek Drunk? (NSFW)

    Eh, if we had to film a commercial for Phone Jeopardy, we'd probably have a few drinks too.

  • 8

    Trebek on PC 'Jeopardy!'

    He knows so many different ways to make you feel like an idiot.

  • 9

    Trebek and the Strobe Light

    This is all part of a plan to totally bewilder the contestants.

  • 10

    Trebek Without Pants

    Secretly, Alex Trebek is 100 percent awesome.

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