On Friday, Jan. 15, Brothers Osborne released their debut album Pawn Shop. I gave the album a listen and decided to do a review on it.

Brothers TJ and John Osborne (Brothers Osborne) first burst onto the country music charts with the release of their first single, "Rum," in March of 2014. This album has been almost two years in the making. They have been considered to have an "alternative country" sound, which I can agree with after listening to the album. Here is a breakdown of the track list:

  1. Dirt Rich - I really enjoy the amount of banjo used in the song. The lyrics are very well written and talk about those who deal with what they have. It kind of has a funk feel to it.
  2. 21 Summer - This was the first slower song that I have heard from Brothers Osborne. It's a traditional country love song about a young love that walked away. Very well written.
  3. Stay a Little Longer - The most popular Brothers Osborne song. It's very upbeat and has moved up the country charts since it made its debut.
  4. Pawn Shop - I love the fact that this song is, legitimately, about everything a pawn shop has to offer. It's one of the catchiest songs on the album.
  5. Rum - Personally, one of my favorite songs about the album. From the acoustic opening, to the simplicity of the instruments used, this song has it all. I like how he uses the metaphor of mixing a great time with someone with a little rum. It also has a bluesy feel to it.
  6. Loving Me Back (feat. LeAnn Womack) - This songs has LeAnn Womack in it. Enough said. It reminds me of a Conway Twitty songs. LeAnn compliments TJ's voice very well.
  7. American Crazy - This is one of those feel good songs. Fairly upbeat and has a a positive message about hard working Americans and what it means to be an American.
  8. Greener Pastures - This song has a traditional country sound. Reminds me of a Willie Nelson song.
  9. Down Home - I enjoyed the upbeat style this song brings. It talks about things that remind them of being back home.
  10. Heart Shaped Locket - This song really shows off the alternative side of Brothers Osborne. From the lyrics, to the way the songs is delivered, it's steers away from traditional country. In this sense, it's an enjoyable change.
  11. It Ain't My Fault - This song has a very deep and dark sound. I compare this to something I would hear from Johnny Cash.

Overall, I think Brothers Osborne had a very successful debut album that I personally enjoy. It delivers a great variety of sounds. They have bluesy, traditional country, modern country, alternative country, and classic country sound throughout the entire album. I recommend checking the album out!

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