This past Friday, March 11th, Randy Houser released his album Fired Up. Here is my review:

  1. "Back" - This is a very powerful song. Great guitar and melody. Very strong way to start an album
  2. "We Went" - The first single off of the album. Very upbeat and just a fun song overall.
  3. "Chasing Down a Good Time" - This is a song you can just bounce to. It's a car windows down song.
  4. "Senior Year" - A nice song that takes you back to your high school days.
  5. "Mine Tonight" - One of those classic songs about if a girl was "your girl".
  6. "Lucky Me" - A slower song, but very catchy.
  7. "Song Number 7" - I love the simplicity behind the title of this song, and the song itself.
  8. "Before Midnight" - If you liked "Runnin Outta Moonlight", you will love this song.
  9. "True" - This song really shows off his powerful vocals.
  10. "Yesterday's Whiskey" - A good song about the pain of being with someone you shouldn't be.
  11. "Fired Up" - This is a song I will be playing during the summer. Very upbeat.
  12. "Little Bit Older" - I love the guitar in this song. Great melody.
  13. "Gotta Get You Home" - Reminds me of "Getting' You Home" by Chris Young. Good love song.
  14. "Hot Beer and Cold Women" - A great title and even better song. Probably my early favorite.
  15. "Same Ole Saturday Night" - I really like this song. Upbeat and well written.
  16. "One Way" - I really like the guitar solo in this song. The message behind this song is awesome "Time is like a river, it only runs one way".
  17. "Whiskeysippi River" -  A fun drinking song.

Overall, wow. Randy Houser did it again. There wasn't a song on this album I was even on the fence about. Every song had me listening intently. My early Album of the Year selection.

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