In the morning hours of Friday September 20th, the lives of many changed forever. According to court documents,  25 year-old Cody Little got into a fist fight with another man at a house party, went home, got a shotgun, returned to the party and shot 3 men.  One of the men, Larry "LJ" Clayton, passed away on September 21st due to his wounds.

Bozeman local James Armstong was also shot and is recovering at a Billings hospital.  He has undergone 5 surgeries thus far, but the chances of him keeping his leg are extremely slim. His family and friends have made a donation site to help him with the costs due to the incident.  Family and friends say James is an amazing and caring man, who spent his last Christmas at an orphanage in Thailand.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all those involved.


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