Eric Campbell who is the Superintendent of Bozeman Water Treatment joined us today on the XL Morning Show to tell us about the water we drink here in Bozeman, Montana. Here's 5 Things You May Not Know About Bozeman's Water:

5 - Most people know that part of Bozeman's water comes from Hyalite Reservoir but did you also know that you're drinking water that originates in Sourdough Creek and Lyman Creek?

4 - Bozeman's water is monitored 365 days a year.

3 - About 11 million gallons of water are used each day in Bozeman. The current Bozeman water treatment plant can service up to 22 million gallons of water per day.

2 - While Bozeman water comes from creeks, most of the other local communities take their water from the ground.

1 - While chromium-6 (did you watch the movie Erin Brockovich?) is present in our water (it's natural occurring) it shows up at very low levels and is no cause of alarm. Since our water originates in the mountains on Forest Service land we have no worries of any industrial contamination in our water.

Drink up! Remember, 8 glasses of water a day is what "they" recommend. And if you would like to visit for yourself the Bozeman Treatment Plant or have questions about the water, call 406.994.0501