Valentines Day is Tuesday and love is in the air. Yes, we love our wives and husbands and certainly our kids, but we can also love other things like where we live. Here's my Valentine to the place I call home:

5 Things I Love About Bozeman

5 - Vargo's Jazz City & Books:  I love browsing used bookstores. Vargo's in downtown has a great feel, and I really appreciate their wide selection of western history books, especially Montana history.

4- MSU Bobcat Athletics: I've always loved college sports and having a local university to support just makes life more fun. Especially when many of the athletes and coaches end up hanging with you on your morning radio show. Go Cats!

3 - The Bridgers:  I'm lucky enough to have an unobstructed view of the Bridgers from my deck at home. Whether they're snow-capped in the winter or golden-hued on summer evenings, looking at the Bridgers never gets old!

2 - Jam: The new breakfast spot in downtown is sooo Bozeman! I just feel hipper when I'm sitting in their having my breakfast. I'm in my 50s, so we'll take any opportunity to feel hip and relevant. And the food matches the vibe! If you haven't tried it yet, do it!

1) - June: Everything is green, most of the mountains still have snow, the temperatures are warming up, but it's not hot, and you can eat outside in downtown Bozeman. If there's a time I want friends or family to visit and experience Bozeman it's in June!

What do you love about Bozeman? Comment below or email me at


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