Ok, who is watching the Oscars with me tonight? There are certain TV events throughout the year that are must-see TV for me: The Super Bowl, any Seinfeld reruns, and the Oscars.

Yes, I will admit that the show is rarely exciting, funny, or really dramatic. In fact, I think they should let the producers of the Country Music Awards produce the Oscars, as it would probably be better television. Nevertheless, I guess it's the tradition of the event that makes me look forward to it every year. That, and my dream that I will get to accept the award for Best Screenplay at some point in my life.

Here are my three ideas to help make the Oscars more fun to watch:

  1. Let's have less bits and jokes from the presenters. Most are not funny and just take time away from the winners, who deserve to thank as many people as they can. Oh, and shorten the opening monologue. Sorry Ellen.
  2. Less musical numbers. Do a montage and be done with it. And show more clips from the movies that are up for awards.
  3. Eliminate the red carpet. It's painful to watch Ryan Seacrest and the host of other TV talking heads interview stars who clearly don't want to be interviewed. And no, I don't care who made their dress or what $20,000 piece of jewelry they are wearing. If, however, one of the interviewers mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Lawrence Fishburne, I would like to see that!

I'll be rooting for the movie Nebraska tonight, which was filmed in both Montana and Wyoming. And I hope Jennifer Lawrence wins something this evening because she's always entertaining at these kinds of events and you never know what she's going to say or do.

Have fun watching the Oscars tonight in your sequined Vera Wang dress and string of pearls from Tiffany's. And be sure to call me on the show tomorrow morning with your take on the Oscars.