Half of women say they wouldn't rely on a male Pill as contraception -- because they didn't trust their partners to remember to take it.

In a survey, only half of couples said they might use the contraceptive method when it comes on to the market. One in five said they definitely would not use a male Pill, while 31 percent were unsure. Researcher Susan Walker, senior lecturer in sexual health at Anglia Ruskin University, found that more than half of the women surveyed (52 percent) were concerned that their partners would forget to take it. However, only 17 per cent of men thought they would forget to take the Pill daily. Dr Walker also found that about one in six of the men felt that taking a contraceptive Pill was culturally associated with women and would make them feel less masculine.

I think we could trust men to take the pill if they were the ones who would get pregnant!

What do you think...would you trust your man?