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Should XL Country Have Candy at Parades? [POLL]
Candy is always a discussion point when we are doing a parade. Sometimes parade policies don't allow you to pass out candy because of safety reasons. They don't want kids rushing into the street to get candy and get hurt.
But at the same time candy is one of the best things about a parade..…
Taste of Country Nights with Sam Alex
Every weeknight from 7p-12mid on XL Country, it’s Taste of Country Nights with Sam Alex. Since he’s broadcasting live from Nashville, he’s able to get all the latest country news, and some great interviews and performances with country music&CloseCurly…
Be the First in the XL Nation to Get One Of These! [WATCH]
Want to be the envy of all of your friends? If so, you need to get yourself some awesome XL Country apparel. We recently got a shipment of brand new XL Country shirts, and we want you to be the first person in Bozeman to have one!
Watch the video below to find out how you can be the first person in B…

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