Have you been keeping up with this?  Representative Anthony Weiner admitted to sexting pictures of himself to women. There are rumors that his poor wife is newly pregnant.  Now, he is being urged to resign his post.  His life will never be the same after texting naked pictures of himself.

The president of The Society for Sex Therapy and Research told MSNBC, there is a reason men do stupid things like this.  She says that men think the pictures will arouse women, because they find it arousing if a woman sends such a picture to them.  A Neuroscientist says that when men do these kinds of things, they aren't thinking, and that it's a base urge, like monkeys.   Um....no kidding?

Some people are saying that sexting isn't cheating.  I disagree.  I know someone locally who was married and reconnected with an old boyfriend on Facebook.  They started an affair via FB and phone, and this woman's husband found out about it when he found a text.  Their marriage is over, and there were kids involved.

What do you think, XL Country?  What do you consider cheating?