It was tough, but we narrowed down the responses to our contest, and now you get to decide the winner!

We asked Brantley Gilbert's biggest fans to write in and tell us why they deserve two tickets to the show, along with meet and greet passes.

Here are the top responses.  Your vote determines the winner, so share with friends and family!!!

1.  Emily Fish: 
Dear Brantley, i don't think that meet & greet has ever looked so good to me.
Dear Brantley, i don't wanna fall into you, but i think i should.
Ain't nothin like a memory, with this chance how could i walk away?
If we meet we won't be the same, can't find the words to say.
If we can't live it down, we'll live it up Thursday night!
Chillin on a dirt road, well rock this town, with music & lights(:
We'd give all to hear you play, just wanna hear you sing...
I hope were 100 words closer, to CHANGING EVERYTHING<3
Brantley Gilbert we love you(:


2.  Christine Campbell

I land in second place for being Brantley Gilbert’s biggest fan right behind my farmer boyfriend, Scott. His birthday is coming up this month, and what could be a better Birthday present that a meet and greet with one of his favor country stars?  Pick me please!  Give me the opportunity to be his” kinda crazy” and give my boyfriend the best birthday gift ever!


3.  Robert Menk

**Hum a little country diddy as you read :), It's part of a song**

At first I heard "Freshman Year", way back in O nine
then he took me halfway to heaven, and I knew I liked this guy.

I finally could get the chance to meet him, Oh how great it'd be
Other then God, when my time comes, He's the man I'd like to meet.

His songs have been taken sky high, by another guy, on the charts
While I was listening to the originals, that originally hit my heart.

He's made me dream of becoming, what he has become
I bought a guitar, with bleeding fingers, learned to play his songs.


4.  Lori Sayers

I am the BIGGEST Brantley Gilbert fan because he has deodorant stuck to his arm pit hairs and I still love him!


5.  Echo Thurston

I’m a fulltime student at MSU and have been a Brantley Gilbert fan before he became famous. I don’t know her like I do is my favorite song! Money is tight and I can’t afford tickets so I need your help making it possible for me to see my favorite band! I’ve entered every contest and have yet to be successful. I’m a huge country fan and love listening to your station. I believe I’m the best contestant for this opportunity and I hope you help me make his concert a reality!


6.  Diane

Back in the Day I was Bending the Rules and Breaking the Law.  I would find My Kinda Party with My Kinda  Crazy.  Seems like every Friday Night we were told to Take it Outside and Live it Up.  I was truly Hell on Wheels.
Life got the Best of Me and the God looked down and realized I was not Halfway to Heaven but headed the other way.  He told me "Fall Into Me" and told the Devil "go Kick it in the Sticks cause You Dont Know Her Like I Do."
Please pick me


7.  Amanda Leightnam

I’m not sure I deserve the B.G. tickets because I know there are so many people out there who are more deserving, but I want them! I’ve been calling every day with co-workers to win them, but we apparently aren’t fast dialers. I’ve also been working overtime to afford them, but on Saturday my Mom called asking if I could help drive the family to Casper,Wy to say goodbye to my uncle who’s passing away.  The money was well spent, but now I can’t even afford nosebleed section seats. If I won these tickets it would definitely make my lifetime.


8.  Delaney Knightly

I'm 16 and I deserve the tickets because:
My first concert was Blake Shelton and country music is what I look forward to! Im Brantley Gilberts biggest fan, I may not know every word to his songs but Im close. His music makes me absolutely happy, I would be every so grateful if I got the tickets....


9.  Daryla Miller

I am writing in for my son, he plays for the Bozeman Hawks.  A few weeks ago he broke his collar bone.   He has since lost his title of #1 receiver in the state and is loosing out on scholarships every week he is off the field, including his dream of playing for the Cats!  Brantley Gilbert is all he listens to.  He is his favorite artist, on the verge of idolizing him.  Kyle has been extremely depressed since his accident.  If we could suprise him with these tickets, it would help him to heal, help cheer up his spirit!