I beg to differ!  I had two daughters before I had my son, Matthew.  While I agree having two little girls is WAY easier, I wouldn't say it's better.  I love our loud, crazy house!

Also, see what the worst combination of children is based on a parent survey.

According to a new study, the secret to a happy home is having two daughters. Researchers concluded that two girls are unlikely to fight, will play nicely together, rarely annoy their parents and tend not to wind each other up. They also make little noise, seldom ignore each other and are more likely to confide in their mother or father. After two girls, the second most appealing combination of children was one girl and one boy, with 86 percent of parents saying their little boy and little girl were genuine friends. Two siblings of opposite genders rarely argue over toys and are easy to reason with, but suffer from a lack of shared interests as they grow up. The third most favorable combination was two boys, with parents saying their sons pay each other lots of attention and are close friends - but are less likely to confide in their mum or dad as they grow up. Parents with more than two kids of any genre were more likely to find family life a struggle.

List of Top Children Combinations (Best to Worst)

1. Two girls

2. One boy and one girl

3. Two boys

4. Three girls

5. Three boys

6. Four boys

7. Two girls and one boy

8. Two boys and one girl

9. Three boys and one girl

10. Three girls and one boy

11. Two boys and two girls