I hate 'Timeline.'  I like seeing a wall where it you scroll down to see the latest info.  It makes sense to me.  With 'Timeline,' everything is in a different spot, and I just don't get it or like it.  Sucks to be me! 

If you are a Facebook user who dislikes the Timeline layout and has been able to avoid being switched over to it so far, word is you won't be able to duck it for much longer.

Techcrunch reports that Facebook will force all of its users to the Timeline format by this fall.

Timeline was introduced in January, and while some people have switched over voluntarily, Facebook has periodically been forcing others to do so.

That change will apply to everyone in the next few months, with the goal of giving everyone a consistent experience thoughout the site.

Before Facebook switches you over, it will show you a prompt when you log in telling you when your Timeline profile is going live.

That gives you time to make any edits going back to when you first joined Facebook to change or remove anything you don't want people to see.