Did a College Frat Boy Take Over Blake Shelton’s Twitter?
Blake is hands down one of the biggest country stars of today. He releases hit after hit, he is a three time winning judge on The Voice, and he is married to fellow country sensation, Miranda Lambert. That being said, one would think Blake gave his Twitter account to a frat boy to translate his thou…
Funny Tweets By Parents the Week of March 18
Parents + Internet = Awesome. Don't believe us? Check out some of the funniest things tweeted by parents this week, including Melissa Joan Hart's son's funny incident with childproof medicine bottles and Jim Gaffigan's vow regarding kids and restaurants:
Live Twitter Feed of Ex University of Montana Quarterback Rape Trial
The trial for former University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson began on Monday and took a break Tuesday. Today they are back in the court and Emily Adamson of NBC MT is live tweeting all the events in the trial including testimonies. The trial is expected to last 11 days.
@XLCountry1007 — Do You Tweet? Follow us!
Twitter, tweeting, tweets, or tweeters whatever you call it!  The XL Country Morning show is officially becoming Tweeters!  All thanks to Bobcat O-Line Coach Jason McEndoo.  He gave us a quick little class on how to tweet properly.  Want to know how to fit your life into 140 char…

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