Fastest MMA Knockout Ever? [VIDEO]
In nearly all combat sports, it is customary to begin the match with a gesture of readiness and sportsmanship. In MMA, most fights begin with a tap of the fists in the center of the ring. In this fight between Quinton Culpepper and Aaron Rosnblum on Combat Night III, one fighter takes the …
One-Armed MMA Fighter Scores Epic Knockout Win
Have you heard about the one-armed MMA fighter? It’s not a set-up to a bad joke. Nick Newell is currently a hot topic in the world of Mixed Martial Arts since starting his career with a perfect 8-0 record.
Fight Force Montana Brings Live MMA To Bozeman This Saturday
Some of the Fight Force Fighters stopped by XL Country to 'take on' Tom and Colleen on Friday morning.  You can hear the fun here!  Strap on your gloves because TOMORROW (Saturday the 10th), the hard hitters of Fight Force are putting on another action packed MMA event featuring 13 fights on the fig…
Fastest Growing Sport In The World: MMA
MMA is the fastest growing sport so it's no surprise that there is a live event featuring 12 fights this Saturday at the Belgrade Event Center. I watch most every UFC and Strikeforce event on TV, and nothing beats watching the fights live.
XL Geek Squeak Of The Week – TVs
I would like to share my experience with buying my first HD TV.
When speaking in terms of HD, the most common and well known phrases are 720p and 1080p.